Organisation takes nation’s re-branding responsibility to Nigerians

Both federal and state governments in Nigeria have over the years not paid serious attention to nation re-branding efforts. Some of the initiatives in this direction were not enduring and did not yield measurable impact as the country continues to stand on poor image rating in the global market with its socio-economic consequences.

With government lethargy in this course, the private sector which deeply understands the significance of branding among comity of nations, is taking the responsibility of image building to the citizens. This is because the value of the Nigeria brand directly affects Nigerians personally.

A project, IAMBRANDNIGRIA focusing on Nigerians has therefore begun with the aim of devising various means of getting the attention of the critical mass and “getting them to see the need for us to protect, promote and jealously guide our most valuable asset, our national brand”, says Taiwo Oluboyede, CEO of Top 50 Brands Nigeria, the initiator of the project.

“It is a private sector driven initiative towards enhancing the value of the Nigeria brand, a clarion call to 190 million stakeholders of the brand for open endorsement and enhanced association as we use the stories of tenacity, resilience and the entrepreneurial spirit of many individuals and corporate brands that have been able to achieve success against all odds as a positive and better narrative to enhance the brand Nigeria. This is called the Nigeria spirit”

Taiwo said Nigerians have compelling stories of achieving success against all odds.  “We are a very tenacious people, we are aspirational. These are undeniable qualities that always differentiate a Nigerian and a sellable value too. We are using this positive attribute as a better narrative and how we should be perceived by people”.

According to him, one of the main activities in the project is the annual #IAMBRANIGERIA Award where the project will specially recognise and celebrate certain individual and corporate brands who have become proponents of value addition to the Nigeria brand through their endeavour, putting the brand on the global map for the right reasons.

The award is recognising Nigerians and Nigerian brands in Humanitarian, Journalism, Entertainment, Academic, Political Office, Governance, Sport, youth influencing, New Initiative, Innovative Product among others.


Daniel Obi

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