African coloured gemstones merchant, Orion & Sirius Gems launches its “Fingerprint” campaign from Africa to the world

Orion & Sirius Gems, a global coloured gemstones merchant, has announced the release of its global “Fingerprint” campaign in September – The aim is to raise global awareness on the importance of sustainable gems mining practices in Africa.

The brand will be unveiling different chapters of its gem journey and will start an open dialogue between international jewellery and fashion brands. Private rough auctions and a miners’ empowerment program will be held to introduce the brand’s mine-to-market journey.

With a 7-year long experience, the African gemstone supplier has discovered unique gems in different African countries including Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Nigeria. Gems like aquamarine, tourmaline, garnet, emerald, sapphire and many other gems are handpicked and graded directly within the mines. Orion&Sirius gemmology expertise led them to explore Jos, Bauchi, Nasarawa and Taraba states (among others) to identify the best gems deposits in Nigeria.

It has been more than 7 years that we have been exploring African gems fields. It has been a rewarding journey. Now, we can confidently state that coloured gemstones industry represents a substantial development opportunity for Africa. Colored gemstones industry is a 23 billion USD sector Africa should benefit from. Nigeria is endowed with a variety of precious and semi-precious gems. Beyond their international market trade value, they also constitute local development opportunities”.

Sustainable trade and mining practices are the most effective models for Nigeria to reap long term growth benefits from the export of its natural resources. Beyond gemstones, solid minerals represent substantial trade opportunities internationallyThe global jewellery market currently surpasses 272 billion USD. Then it is time for Africa to become a leading player in global jewellery sector. Sustainable trade is an impactful development solution and a necessary sector evolution. It is also an economic legacy for the next generations to come. Producing beautiful gems should be as important as growing the hands that mine them,Solange Boccovi – Managing Director, Orion&Sirius said. 

Commenting on the opportunities that abound for Africa’s largely booming luxury and fashion industries, Solange Boccovi said, “Beyond our support to African gems miners, we would like to extend growth benefits to Africa luxury and fashion industries. Responsibly sourced gems is a luxury norm which adds value to the whole supply chain”. The brand envisions economic growth potential and employment opportunities all across jewellery supply chain. It is through empowering collaborations that Orion&Sirius plans to meet gems with Ethic in bringing at the forefront, the Made in Africa luxury.


Orion&Sirius Gems is a global merchant of responsibly produced African coloured gemstones. Each gem produced in handpicked directly from their extensive network of African gems mines. The company has been built by international gemmologists and commodity traders. They envision the modernization of the African coloured gemstone sector in building sustainable livelihoods within gems mining communities.

For more information on sponsorship and partnership, contact Solange Boccovi: “”; or visit

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